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Wildly Powerful Store Builder – Shopify

Shopify is a wildly powerful store builder. It is in no way inferior in its capabilities to specialized CMS, but in some ways, it is superior: it is easier to learn, a lot of applications are at hand, and it is convenient to edit templates. And all this in one bottle. A self-sufficient system that can easily pull the creation of a hypermarket of any complexity.

The engine contains a bunch of specific functionality, the quantity, and quality of which are steadily growing over time. For example, they have such a thing – Shopify Retail Kit. This is a set of tablets, docking stations, and card readers for offline payment processing. There is a proprietary payment system (Reunite) with physical payment cards and special conditions for small/medium businesses. Also, the Shopify application supports, for example, payment and printing of shipping invoices. Yes, all this works well only in the USA, Great Britain, and Canada, but the very fact of the presence of such features is impressive, there are no analogs on the market of eCommerce solutions yet.

For almost every small and not very functional, the system has an optimized, proprietary solution – some kind of interface with settings, tips, ready-made templates, statistics, and other things. Examples are Shopify E-Mail, Live Map or Shop Pay. These are all easy to use and generally work well. They take simple ideas that reflect small pieces of the sales work cycle and polish the usability of the corresponding tools to near perfection.

In 2020, it became possible to create branded stores on Facebook and Instagram. These are simplified versions of the storefronts of the main store, available for viewing not only from the browser but also from mobile versions of social network applications. To access, you must activate and configure the relevant sales channels. In general, having an audience in these extremely popular social networks in the West can significantly increase sales and additionally advertise the main store. By the way, placing goods on the Google market is free for users of the system.

Oddly enough, with such an abundance of possibilities, Shopify does not feel complicated. Everything is very concise and friendly. The constructor is perceived as a practical tool for making money. His worldwide fame and popularity are fully justified by the possibilities and quality of their presentation.

We think Shopify will impress you too. Although this is not accurate. We haven’t been able to test all the 100+ apps in this category, sorry. Although links to social network accounts are hardwired into templates, with the due skill you can manually edit them to add support for them. But this is not a very popular option.

At least PayPal is supported by us, so there will be no problems with accepting payments. Delivery will work too. In general, Shopify gets a fat five for functionality. And for adaptation to use in the CIS countries – C grade.